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Representing and protect the interest of employers in Tanzania

  • Gaps in Labour Laws
  • Skills and Development Levy (SDL)
  • Multiplicity of regulatory agencies and regulations
  • Social Security Issues
  • Multiplicity of Taxes and charges
  • Skills Development
  • Minimum Wages
  • Labour Productivity
  • Taxes on Salaries
  • Work/Residents Permits

Policy Advocacy achievements

  1. Reduction of OSHA Levy from TZS 2,000,000 to TZS 1,000,000 imposed on Salt producers and abolishment of the Registration fee for Salt mining centre
  2. Reduction of the Corporate Income Tax rate from 30% to 20% for new investors in the Pharmaceutical and Leather industries for five years starting from year 2018/19 up to 2022/23
  3. Reduction of tax on salaries (Pay as You Earn-PAYE) from 11% to 9% in the year 2016. This puts employers in a good position when negotiating salaries with their prospective employees
  4. Reduction of Skills and Development Levy (SDL) from 6% to 4.5%, there are ongoing advocacy efforts aimed at lowering the levy down to 2%