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Organization Structure


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) deliberates and decides on any matter referred to it by the Management Board. The decisions taken guide the functions and work flows to be prioritised and carried out the coming year.


The ATE Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director who has been appointed by the Management Board. He exe-cutes the functions of ATE at the head office and is responsible to the Management Board for the day-to-day manage-ment of the association’s affairs including its zonal offices, and for the maintenance of all proper records of accounts.

Zonal Supervisory Committee

The goal is to have office in the four zones of Tanzania. Each of these will have a Zonal Supervisory Committee.

Management Board

The Management Board manages, controls, and administers the affairs of ATE. It shall meet as often as it deem convenient, but not less than four times per year.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries out the day-to-day affairs of ATE as delegated to it by the Management Board. It deals furthermore with matters of immediate urgency – pending the holding of a Management Board meeting.

Zonal Office

With the head office in Dar es Salaam, the Association has two zonal office in Arusha (Northern zone) and Mbeya. It is also in progress to establish a Lake Zone office in Mwanza. Division of responsibilities between head office and zonal offices are comprised in the review of ATE’s organizational structure.