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Friendly Business Environment for Effective Industrialisation and Job Creation

Dear Stakeholders,
We are pleased to introduce the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE’s) Business Agenda (BA) for the next three years (2020 – 2022).

The BA is a vital tool for the Association in ensuring that national policies and legislation are suitable for employers and the private sector as a whole. A friendly business environment coupled with harmonious employment and labour relations at workplaces will enable the country to rapidly grow and sustainably move faster towards achieving the
middle-income status by the year 2025.
This BA intends to strengthen the ATE’s advocacy role. It contains national advocacy issues to be promoted and carried out by the ATE on behalf of employers and the private sector as a whole. It provides knowledge and justification.

It also mobilises employers and the business community to use their skills to influence policy reforms by setting legislative and regulatory priorities and clearly communicating them to policymakers.

Moreover, the BA is intended to inform policymakers at a political and technical level about the main issues that affect the operational efficiency of the private sector.

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