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Government of the United Republic of Tanzania

ATE works closely with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as our tripartite partner currently under the Prime Minister’s Office-Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disabilities. As a voice of employers on specific and crosscutting issues, we continue to lobby and advocate for concerns of employers such as reduction of Skills Development Levy (SDL) which we commend the government for the slight reduction from 5% to 4.5% in 2016/2017 financial year. Since such levy remains high in East Africa and globally, we will continue working closely with the Government to ensure that it is significantly reduced to 2% to minimize the cost of doing business and attract sound investors for creation of jobs for the betterment of our country. For more details about our partner visit: or

Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA)

ATE works closely with Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) as our tripartite partner on crosscutting issues including Decent work, Minimum Wage, Social Security, Employment Policy, Labour laws, and many of the like. ATE remains committed to work cooperatively with TUCTA to ensure friendly and harmonious business environment for employers and workers in Tanzania. For more details about our partner visit:

International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO)

ATE works closely with the International Training of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in Turin, Italy for staff training and development. Through our partnership, we have managed to take some of our staff to attend training on various aspects including Macroeconomics for Social Negotiators, specifically for non-economists, Membership strategies, Employers’ Business Members Organisation (EBMO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the like. For more details about our partner visit:

Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN)

ATE in collaboration with the ILO is implementing GAN Tanzania, a coalition of companies that aim to promote skills for businesses and jobs for the youth at workplaces. For more details about our partner visit:

International Labour Organization (ILO)

ATE has been working closely with International Labour Organization (ILO) in Dar e Salaam as one of our key partners on crosscutting issues such as Health and HIV/AIDS at workplaces,  Decent Work, Social Security, Employment Policy, Youth employment and the like. We have successfully worked together to award Young Entrepreneur Award (YEYA) during the Employer of the Year Award which is one of the prestigious events that aims to uplift Human Resources Management as key ingredient for high productivity and competitiveness. For more details about our partner visit:

International Organisation of Employers (IOE)

At the international level, ATE is a member of International Organisation of Employers (IOE) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. For more details about our partner visit:  

Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)

ATE in collaboration with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) and Chinese Business Chamber of Tanzania have been implementing a Project ‘Doing Responsible Business in Africa /China Africa’ since 2013 which aims at promoting and advocating for harmonious Employment and Labour Relations among the Chinse Businesses. Through this Project, ATE is interested in ensuring that the Chinese Businesses investing in Tanzania are not left behind in compliance with all matters regarding employment and labour. As a voice of employers in Tanzania, we aim to make Chinese businesses understand the Tanzanian business culture, labour laws, labour relations, Occupational Safety and Health (OHS), Human Resources (HR), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which in Tanzania is implemented by ATE. For more details about our partner visit:  

Business Africa

ATE participates in Business Africa that among others seeks to enhance the business voice in continental bodies such as the African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the ILO Regional Office for Africa, the African Development Bank and other continental bodies. Business Africa also focuses to build on relations developed within the United Nations system, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and others. For more details about this partner visit:

East Africa Employers Organisation (EAEO)

ATE works closely with East Africa Employers Organisation (EAEO) which aims to promote the interests of employers at the regional level. Over the past few years of its existence EAEO has changed from being a platform within the East African Business Council (EABC) into a fully-fledged organisation with two full time coordinators based in Arusha supported by two technical advisors based at the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) and the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE). For more details about our partner visit:

SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSSF)

ATE works in partnership with SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSSF) that focuses on the role of the Private Sector in wealth creation, employment generation and therefore poverty alleviation is firmly accepted by all SADC Member States. For more details about our partner visit:

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