The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) is the most representative Employers Organisation in Tanzania. It is a consultative advisory organization on employment and labour matters. Formerly known as the Federation of Tanganyika Employers (FTE), ATE was formed in 1960 by a number of companies, industries and association of employers. ATE is one of the three tripartite forums that address all industrial relations and labour related issues at sectoral and national levels in Tanzania. Other forums are Government of Tanzania and Trade Unions.

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  • Mr. Charles Kazuka (JR)
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    NMB – Head Office

    ATE trainings have been of great help   in shaping and strengthening harmonious industrial relations within the bank by preventing occurrences of disputes/grievances and where these do occur, these are quickly solved amicably within a reasonable time frame without resorting to external dispute resolution mechanisms.

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  • Onesmo Kabeho
    Employee Relations Specialist (Manager)
    Tanzania Cigarette Co. Ltd

    ATE’s professional and practical advice has enhanced our understanding, interpretation and application of employment issues on a daily basis. Its prompt response on practical employment queries has assisted us to resolve employment issues on time and effectively. Furthermore, TCC has gained through ATE’s members invaluable insights on best practice employment standards.

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  • Hollyness G. Mongi
    Human Resource Manager
    Dalbit Petroleum (T) Ltd

    After attending ATE training, am now able to make more informed decisions in my department and advise our company of the best way to handle some staff related issues i.e. I ensure that any decision made does not have a negative impact on the company legally.

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  • Charles F. Masubi
    Human Resources Manager,
    Tanzania Tobacco Processors Ltd (TTPL)

    We started using widely ATE’s training services in 2007. This was the time when the existing labour laws were still very new and the work force as well as management’s mind was still in transition from old labour laws (prescriptive) to the current law which is descriptive. ATE’s training played a very significant role into the transformation process. We organized training at various levels starting from Supervisory levels to top management.
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