,309,288,286,284,280,81,health:1;elem:2-;;;;-;;;;,0,0,16,16,0,161,112,96,339,228,158,158,224,224,157,96,0,16,52,101,5:0:0:0:0:0:0. The disadvantage is that SAED is hard to use against small or fast enemies. MHW Meta Charge Blade Builds [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta] ethugamer October 24, 2020 No Comments Updated Charge Blade (CB) Build Guide. You may have to mix and match if you get unlucky and don’t get any eyes for the head. Improved Fatalis Impact Focusless builds (thanks PaintedJ) Best Charge Blade in the entire game (excluding the KT Clone), with high raw damage and impact phials. Intro. ( Log Out /  Higher physical hits (including Savage Axe ticks) than Safi 5 (Focus 0), but lower phial damage. For more raw, you can swap the charm for Challenger Charm V and drop to 2 Paralyze Attack. Reorganized Charge Blades worth getting section (removed images because it was annoying to keep capturing them) Charge Blade Build Loadout. Energy gained from Sword mode can be stored in Phials, which can then be used to boost guarding abilities and damage output in Axe mode. Added elemental sets: But good luck making it! Probably not. Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! Specific Anti-monster Builds Hello, and welcome to our Charge Blade Guide for HoneyHunterWorld. 2. Intro. Compared to regular Fatalis Impact, this basically gains Power Prolonger 3 and Peak Performance 3 in exchange for Focus 3 and Artillery 5 without losing any Handicraft. Three interesting properties coincide to make this strategy stronger than you expect: (1) “overcharged” sword (when you attack too much before reloading) is forced to bounce on every attack (2) if you prevent an attack that would normally bounce from bouncing, it will have no hitstop (3) Charge Blade can give itself Mind’s Eye on all sword attacks by charging the sword. Required Event Equipment: None. Legs are interchangeable for Kulve or Garuga legs depending on the decorations you have available. Currently, I'm using Guard 4 on most of my Charge Blade sets, so Charging it puts it up to Guard 5. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Added Safi’Jiiva Impact Phial CB builds (new section) 4. Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy All purpose recommended! Charge Blade. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire. This set is replaced by Safi set. Focusless Builds It's ugly as hell, but it's the go-to Charge Blade most of the time. I've been using the Sword and Shield almost exclusively throughout my time on PC Monster Hunter and I've wanted to try the Charge Blade again. Any plans to update the anti alatreon builds with fatalis armor? Somewhere between Safi 5 and True Critical Element. When using the Charge Blade, the player is able to charge the shield using the Phials, if there are any. MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORNE Official Website. Kjarr Strongarm “King” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth) Guard 5 By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. This build uses the skills to increase the damage output of your thunder weapon. Sacrifices a few slots for lots of elemental defense, but you are locked into eating for elemental resistance food (which is lost if you faint). Guard 1 Artillery 5 Update 7/14: Power Prolonger is also optional. 3. Much like the Switch Axe, the CB is designed to swap between its Sword and Axe modes. This build is replaced by Kjarr Safi 5. This is a standard Charge Blade build. Thanks to CurrySama#6374 for the improved SafiBrachy build. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy    Status Savage Axe only version. It's quite nice. Dante’s Devil Sword+ (EVENT: Code Red & EVENT: A Shocking Climax) This build goes ultra hard on blast buildup, with decent physical damage. Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth, Arch-Tempered Velkhana Added Fatalis 4 Elemental builds (focus 3 and focusless), 10/18/20 For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage. 1. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Artillery 5 has been reborn and it is REALLY strong (compared to Zorah sets). Progression Builds This page is a collection of armor sets including decorations for Charge Blade in MHW Iceborne. 3. Demonlord Blade (Furious Rajang tree) Removed Armor to consider section, 9/11/2019 Kjarr Strongarm “Crusher” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth) Guard 5 (Beotodus). Charge Blade Currently, the charge blade is regarded as the best weapon in the game -- the reason being its Super Amped Element Discharge (SAED); an attack that deals an incredible amount of damage. Also, more damage means the monster will flinch and topple more frequently, meaning even more openings for damage and even less time where the monster is attacking you. Axe form trades out defense for powerful attacks, good reach, and the phial's bonus. Is this build good? True Fatalis Charger is the king! Pre-Iceborne Charge Blade Builds. A hidden contender? Match weaknesses with the starting element of Alatreon. Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth. Monster Hunter Math: Highest DPS Builds 11/18/2018 by Honey Dodogama. The two modes are a fast sword & shield mode, while the second is a devastating axe mode! Follow Us. Kjarr weapons’ high natural affinity and Safi 5 bonus 40% allows abandoning Weakness Exploit and having 100% affinity all the time when your weapon is drawn. Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire. Similar power to Safi 5. ethugamer October 23, 2020 No Comments Paralysis is basically a topple but takes a long time to apply, Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (head and arms). There are a few reasons for this. Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (head and waist), Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (4 pieces). True Fatalis Charger (EVENT: Fatalis) Despot’s Thundergale (Zinogre tree), 1. Build variants: Updated several builds after receiving user feedback: Safi Impact Focusless SafiBrachy, Safi Impact Artillery Secret (G1, G1 Prot.Polish, G5), 3/23/2020 I use your guides for over year and never saw that – until today. Updated on May 18th, but still nothing with MR Kjarr weapons? This build is replaced by Kjarr Safi 5 / Kjarr Master’s Touch. A hunter with Ghillie mantle can set up a topple from the get go using two fully loaded cannons (the player doing this should use Heavy Artillery 2) This is mixed guide made from Arekkz's Workshop series, J&T Guides with /r/ and MHGH support, featuring Boardwalk Hotel's and Akantorex's builds. In this Guide we’ll take a look at exactly how to use this Weapon to its fullest, as well as show you some things you may not know about it. This is after you can make 4 pieces of armor and its weapon. Safi 3 + R.Brachy 2 + Resentment (Highest EFR), SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy HR Teostra Gamma Helm (Guard 5), SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy 【Monster Hunter Rise】Digital Event (January 7) Summary, 【Monster Hunter Rise】Demo Guide - Release Date & Multiplayer Gameplay, 【Monster Hunter Rise】Goss Harag - New Info & Attack Patterns, 【Genshin Impact】The Chalk Prince And The Dragon, Used with Safi Blast Charge Blade, this armor set deals good Blast Attack damage, Switch Dragon deco & Charm to any element of your Safi weapon, This build focuses more on elemental damage without losing weapon sharpness, Set Bonuses add extreme firepower & damage, Dragonvein Awakening works well with Resentment, Replace decos and Charm according to appropriate element, Easily accessible when starting the Iceborne expansion, Focuses on non elemental damage as it is difficult to stack elemental damage in early game, Has Artillery and Capacity Boost from the get-go, Can be made early in the game (before Velkhana story point), Weapons & Jewels can be substituted for different elements, Covers most of the needs of elemental Charge Blade build, Artillery max level is raised by Zorah set skill. While this looks almost identical to Lightbreak Charge Blade’s Artillery Secret build, the higher base attack from Safi with all attack awakenings provides a significant difference in phial damage. While most of the builds are for endgame/postgame where all decorations are available, there are also progression builds starting from the beginning of Master Rank. Be warned that Charge Blade is a rough time vs this monster, at least before getting its armor. 3. Deep Terroir II (Jyuratodus tree), 1. Added more Savage axe focused Anti-Fatalis builds Can be used with any elemental CB. Deathaxe Vaal Aspida (Vaal Hazak tree). Kjarr Strongarm “Decay” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth) & Alatreon Morphblade (EVENT: Alatreon) It still does respectable damage. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Taroth Strongarm Ice Build For Charge Blade Best Alatreon Charge Blade Build | Element Conversion HAHAHA IMAGINE USING DEFENSEBOOST 7 FOR DAMAGE, well we dont need to imagine… it happened. Fatalis topples from head break, mount, dragonator, one-shot binder, cannon shots (after 7-8), and ballista damage to the chest while flying In MHW, the best Charge Blade can be tricky to choose. This build is for folks that hate that Safi bleed.. plus with Critical Element, Crit Boost, and Master’s Touch you get to triple dip in affinity. Build variants: Fatalis armor builds will be coming soon, 7/9/2020 Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, MR Kulve Taroth If you want Guard 5 it is recommended to use the Gamma helm build or Artillery Secret build. Deep Schnegel II (Beotodus tree), 1. Yes. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy This build is designed to extremely increase your fire damage output. If you are a Charge Blade enthusiast, make sure to take a look at the awesom Charge Blade builds compilation The armor set and builds above are created by the awesome MHW Builder by honeyhunterworld Before Iceborne, the Charge Blade build is dominated by Raw Damage build, but now it is the time for those Fire Charge Blade build start to shine. Savage Axe playstyle deals the most damage to Alatreon but this build can play either Savage or SAED. great builds thx man for the builds but why the website broken in mobile view in mobile browser it do not show anything just blank screen, can you make one more MEME build? Removed Gold Rathian, Melting Grasp, Dante, and Guild Palace CBs from recommended list Apart from the usual must have skills for melee weapons, Charge Blade greatly benefits from Focus, Artillery, and Capacity Boost. Most of the builds on this page are geared toward maximizing offense rather than defense. No event equipment (Beotodus CB). SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Charge blades in Monster Hunter: World aren't to be taken lightly. Added end game impact phial sets: Water and Ice even more. Reorganized page to group Impact, Elemental, Focusless, and Anti-monster builds 2. Re-added old Chrome Fort progression builds for people unable to farm Raging Brachy after story, 5/4/2020 Dual Blades - Best Loadout Build & Skill Guide, Insect Glaive - Best Loadout Build & Skill Guide. You can get Guard 3 or 5 by changing the decorations in the helm (losing Offensive Guard and/or Expert). Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. 6/16/2019 Added All-purpose No Handicraft. Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sword & shield form builds up charge that can be stored into phials and unleashed in axe form. Chrome Fortress III can be replaced with Dante’s Devil Sword+ or Royal Star Shield (both from events). Saber’s Maw II (Great Jagras tree) 4. 6/8/2019 Updated all console only builds to PC or console. These builds are slightly stronger (and more health boost) than the above but are reliant on tenderizing to hit 100% affinity. Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! Agitator is best attack stat in the game. Impact Builds Capcom has actually done a pretty fantastic job of balancing the game (especially after a much-needed buff to elemental damage). This loadout is still viable even if there are some decoration pieces missing. "Basically speaking, they are, and look, ultimately brutal. If you find yourself fainting too much with these builds, feel free to substitute some Attack, Critical Eye, or Offensive Guard for Health Boost and Fortify as they are the most slot efficient defensive skills. Build variants: No event equipment (Glavenus CB). 4. Guard 5 Elemental Charge Blade Build | Anti-Alatreon Charge Blade Build. Thanks to CurrySama#6374 for the improved G1 builds. Dear Rosetta (Pink Rathian tree) OR Chrome Fortress III (Iron tree), 1. The Charge Blade is a high damage dealing weapon with defensive capabilities that can unleash devastating elemental attacks which can kill even the toughest monsters. Added Kjarr Anti-Rajang build Sword mode is the default — you’ll spend most of your time … *Added Kjarr Elemental builds with 0 Weakness Exploit as the default recommendation for Kjarr, 4/28/2020 However, it may be too overwhelming for players until they get at least a few augments and better decorations (especially Health augment). Non-elemental Charge Blades can benefit from the non-elemental skill, which is a huge boost (+20 Raw Atk, I think) and it works equally well against all monsters. – Situational, Morphblade can be better with Focusless Velkhana 2 piece build M onster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Charge Blade being one of them. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Artillery 5/Flexible version. Click here to go to the consolidated build page. This build will focus on your Hunter's survivability when fighting against strong monsters. Charge Blade Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne showcases the different upgrade paths for the Charge Blade weapon category. However, the strongest builds usually require event equipment. Build variants: Restructured build section, splitting MR70> and before MR70 into different sections RELATED: Monster Hunter World: The Best Armor, Ranked This melee weapon is a must-have for beginner and expert hunters. Effective CB usage requires balancing between Sword mode, with its high mobility and ability to guard against incoming attacks, and Axe mode, with its longer reach and more powerful attacks. The key to this loadout are the Earplug skills and Attack increase from the augmentations. Update History. This page is a collection of armor sets including decorations for Charge Blade in MHW Iceborne. Safi 3 + Master’s Touch + Resentment Slugger build , just slap slugger charm on your favorite impact build. It seems you're using AdBlocker or similar browser extension. No need to have different builds for Master’s Touch and Artillery 5 any more, this build does everything! However, depending on events available at the time you may need to settle for something other than the strongest one. Despite the slow attack speed and initial bulky impression, Charge Blade is one of the best elemental weapons in MHW Iceborne. Health Boost, Focus, Earplug, Tremor Resistance supports your pleasure hunting life. With the Charge Blades' ability to block incoming attacks, you need not worry of hoarding stability type skills. Build variants: For further progression through the endgame (R. … Thanks to Nethersaw for suggesting running 2 Weakness Exploit. Required Event Equipment: None, SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy AED and SAED are easily punished by Fatalis, it has almost no openings from guarding attacks (so Guard isn’t worth taking), and CB has a hard time dealing head damage when the monster is not toppled. If you can’t make a build, keep scrolling until you find one you can make. 2. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. The Diablos Tyrannis II is a high damage weapon. Recommended mantles: Temporal and Rocksteady (can be risky) or Glider. All Safi elemental CBs use the same builds (with appropriate elemental attack) as their stats are identical. Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, Alatreon. So it’s often just down to personal preference — not to mention the weaknesses of a particular monster. Build variants: In MHW, the best Charge Blade can be tricky to choose. Added Safi and Alatreon hybrid builds, 6/6/2020 These builds should help make your training journey a little less painful or if you’ve already mastered some Charge Blade techniques hopefully these builds will just be more icing on the Savage Axe spamming and elemental phial discharging cake. This is only recommended for elemental CBs as you get the benefits of much higher damage phial explosions and Critical Element. After your first one or two clears you should be able to make this. MHW META: Best Charge Blade Builds – Impact Phial 07/18/2019 by Honey Dodogama. HR Teostra Gamma Helm (Guard 1, Artillery 3) ( Log Out /  Combining a charged double slash and shield thrust is your most efficient combo for charging your blade’s phials, so it should be one that you use … Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva. It should only take a few Master Rank Jagras hunts in order to get the pieces that you need to make the weapon. Added Safi’Jiiva Elemental Phial CB builds (new section), 10/7/2019 Build variants: Added MR Kulve builds (Kjarr elemental only, impact meta is unaffected) Safi 5 set will deal more damage but the bleed makes this fight much more difficult than using an MT set. Sacrifices some element for the mostly infinite sharpness of Master’s Touch. Dragon is outclassed by the Velkhana Gamma hybrid below. This loadout will also provide you with high affinity without sacrificing your weapon's sharpness due to the Handicraft skill. Helm can be either B+ or a+, B+ will be used more later. Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire. Added builds using Lightbreak Charge Blade (Raging Brachydios) and Raging Brachydios armor, including progression builds There are two one-shot binders in the arena, one near the shield that is melted by the first nova and the other near the ballista on the opposite side 6. Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! The Charge Blade (CB) features 2 modes. You maxed out Artillery with Brachydium Armor’s bonus and also get Agitator level 7 in the process.
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