Newsflash April 2020-Volume 4

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The COVID-19 crisis is highlighting humanitarian, social and economic challenges that the World
particularly Sub Saharan African countries have grappled with for many years.

With theses challenges manifesting themselves in disrupting progress in the livelihood of
individuals and the society at large -one can only imagine the extent of the challenges ahead in
terms of establishing stable systems that will sustainably create social and economic infrastructures
and systems that will prove to be useful in the times of crisis such as the one we are facing right

ATE continues fighting for the interests of employers by partnering with other private sector
stakeholders to engage with the Government in advocating for pro-business laws and policies with
which employers can prevail and keep employees on the payroll.
The Association of Tanzania Employers has so far done the following:

  1. Participated in an extra-ordinary Labour and Economic and Social Council (LESCO) meeting held on 28th March 2020 during which a number of legal and policy proposals were submitted to the Government for consideration
  2. Continues to provide legal and information services to walk-in members and through digital platforms (website, emails, WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms
  3. ATE through the ED&CEO has participated in a specialized TV programme to raise public awareness about COVID -19 impacts and call for highly needed legal and policy reforms
  4. A select group of ATE staff participated in one webinar on COVID-19 response on the theme: “Approaches to implementing teleworking models” and one Webinar on implementing economic advocacy.
  5. ATE pioneered the formulation of the national private sector COVID-19 response task force in order to advocate for necessary private sector stakeholder’s pro-business policies and legal reforms during this time of crisis.
  6. The Research and Policy Advocacy team is currently conducting a Survey on COVID-19 Impacts to Employers.
  7. ATE prepared an Employers Guide on COVID -19 that is available online at ATE's website
  8. The legal Team continues providing Legal Update on COVID-19 and more updates are available in ATE’s website
  9. The Association is also developing a digital infrastructure that will upgrade the provision of services to members

Together we can successfully fight against COVID-19.
Stay home, stay safe!!!