Female Future Alumni Network Launched

The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE)  in collaboration with Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO) on 31st July 2019 in Dar es salaam launched  Female Future Alumni Network as a professional networking and mentorship platform to Career women in Tanzania intending to advocate for gender sensitivity in various aspects of business environment which excessively affect the performance and effectiveness  of business. 

Speaking during the occasion, Chief Guest Prof. Leticia Rutashobya from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) congratulated ATE for implementing various strategies to ensure there is an increase of numbers of women in senior leadership positions in the country.

Prof. Rutashobya shared her experiences from serving in various boards, challenges that women face as they sit on boards as well as insisted on having solid values such as integrity and she insisted that there are already existing old boys networks which predetermine most of appointments which women must also try to penetrate, however they should also create their own powerful networks to help them in their career aspirations.

Prof.  Rutashobya who has proved herself as an exemplary female leader and Board Member as well as Chairperson for several institutions encouraged the ladies to go after board positions and make meaningful contributions.

 Giving opening remarks, The Executive Director of ATE Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka said that ATE’s intentions on the establishment of Female Future Alumni is to address gaps of personal development in women for better productivity at workplace, mentorship of female leaders within and outside the alumni forum which is one of the key areas that will focus on. 

“Female Future Alumni Network is expected to be a continuous lifelong learning platform with its leadership among members and participants  and will involve number of activities like C-suite meetings to discuss issues regarding career growth and development, mentorship and sponsorship among each other, Motivational talks to young generations, field visit and study tours to widen knowledge, create a referral system for opportunities and Board Membership positions,” said Dr. Mlimuka.

                                                      Chief Guest Prof. Leticia Rutashobya