Consultative Workshop to Review Strategic Plan (SP) on Health and HIV/AIDS at Workplace Conducted.

ATE in collaboration with ILO and the International  Organization for Migration (IOM) conducted five days Consultative Workshop on Health and HIV/AIDS at workplace held from 18-22 September 2017 at TACAIDS office which aimed to discuss various issues related to Health and HIV/AIDS and more importantly review the current Strategic Plan (SP) on Health and HIV/AIDS which ended in 2015 and develop a new one as “Health is Wealth!” 
Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka in his Opening Remarks encouraged all Employers to protect the rights of employees living with HIV/ AIDS by dealing with stigma and discrimination as required by Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004 taking into consideration that any discriminatory behavior undermines individuals’ efforts to access health services or information.  Implementation of Workplace Programme on health and HIV/AIDS is also still crucial in reducing stigma and will remind all of us to take precautions and be free from HIV/AIDS.  
“Occupational Health and Safety is still a big challenge affecting socio – economic sectors in Tanzania. Occupational accidents and illness impose a burden to Government, Employers and the individual as well thus affecting the productivity and business reputation, ” insisted Dr. Mlimuka. 
ATE as Focal Point on HIV Response in Private Sector is reminding members and all employers to implement Occupational Health and Safety Policy as required by the Law also urged the government to allocate enough resources to Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OSHA) to give financial relief to Employers when accessing OSHA services. 

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