Career Fair in Kahama forms part of Life Beyond Buzwagi Project that prepares the retrenched Employees to have a smooth landing into their new career.

This event brings all Employers in Tanzania under one roof to discuss Employment Challenges in Tanzania in line with recruiting or searching for potentail employees among Buzwagi Gold Mine staffs who are being retrenched due to Mine closure. Buzwagi Gold Mine has a wide range of skilled workforce in all levels (juniour and senoir levels) that could fit the labour market in Tanzania  Afrixca at large.

This event will be held in Kahama - Buzwagi from 11th – 13th December 2017, where the Association of Tanzania Emp[loyers (ATE) will present and discuss Challenges that you are facing in relations to Employment and Labour but more specifically on the new Regulations Issued in 2017 , Retrenchments and Retrenchment Procedures together with Human Capital Sourcing.

ATE will be greatly honored by your participation on this event, please plan not to miss this great opportunity to know more about making your workplace conducive and improve productivity and competitiveness.

Among other activities, Employers will get an oppotuinity to Interview the candidates and collect their CV for placement or future employemt plan of the specfic company.


To participate on this historical event, kindly fill the registration form provided.


Lets meet in Buzwagi-Kahama to sharing and witness the new talent in Labour market


Download - Invitation Letter - Life Beyond Buzwagi.pdf