ATE empowers its two staff on Macroeconomics Certificate Course

As part of staff capacity Development, ATE in collaboration with International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin Italy, facilitated two staff to attend a Training on Macroeconomics for Social Negotiators which took place in Turin, Italy from 26-30 June 2017.  The Course was meant to equip non economists involved in performing Evidence-based Advocacy with the capacity of substantiating policy proposals with research, data and facts.  The Course was also meant to ensure that  participants had a fair knowledge on the essentials of Macroeconomics and master a number of significant concepts such as Inflation, Fiscal Policy, Import Export, Private Sector Investments, Income Expenditure, Costs, Government Spending on goods and services, Financial services etc. so that they are able to use them while negotiating with Social Partners.  In this training, ATE was successfully represented by Ms. Joyce Nangai-Ibengwe, NHO Project Coordinator and Mr. Selestine Leonard Mapha, Communications Officer.  ATE highly commends DECP, Mondiaal FNV, ACTEMP and ITC-ILO for their kind support during distance learning and face to face training sessions. 

Download full brochure here.