Keep using Eagle Eye if you need to once you get close to the destination. Sadly, these do not count towards the dinosaur bones you need to find in the optional side quest. Go where ever you are comfortable though outside of swampland or snowy areas, because there are plenty of areas with squirrels and rabbits outside of those two. Travel there to meet Ms. Hobbs. It isn't directly touching it, but it isn't too far off of it, either. These only show up in certain specific locations, so while hunting keep a close eye out for them. Get it. Follow this path just east of the "T" and this rock carving will be right along the western side of the path. This path eventually veers to the northwest and begins dipping downward. You'll see a very small ledge. Completing this portion earns you the Breakout Trophy/Achievement. As an aside, spoonbills are also common in a couple of spots very close to the southern and northern heron spawn point on the map. It is essentially right on top of the "W" from the Bluewater Marsh text on your map. Most of these orchids are located right around the small town of Butcher Creek in eastern New Hanover. Southern New Austin. #2: If you go directly south of the midpoint between the "R" and "S" in Bluewater Marsh, you will see a small peninsula sticking out into the lake. Still, at least the hat looks pretty cool. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the influential Amazing Inventions. Fortunately, there are a couple of decent spots, and the list below will detail locations as to where to find each animal. The rest of the request is tracking down even more rare orchids. To start the Honor Among Horse Thieves mission, playthrough the tutorial until the C appears on your map. If you travel to it, you can climb up so you reach the peak of the mountain that is just to the west of the bottom of the "S" in the word East. If you explored the area, there is a wolf drawn on your map up here, and the tree you're looking for is just to the northwest of its butt. Check the area in between the southernmost railroad that goes out of Saint Denis and the road that exits Saint Denis north of this railroad track. You won't actually have to climb up on it, and you can sketch it as soon as you get close. Hopefully you haven't gotten bored of digging around the swamp yet! The tree with the Clamshell Orchid growing on it will be along the islands southern shoreline, somewhere near the middle. As far northwest as you can go, at the very edge of the map. Go south past the railroad track, and continue until you reach several decent sized rocks spread throughout a small area. Now when you go back and hunt you should once again find large groups of birds again. Both orioles and robins are rare birds, and it can be a pain simply finding one. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws. Go directly north of the "I" from the Rio Bravo text on your map and you'll see a road a little way above it. Knock on his side door and you trigger a cutscene where you automatically ride out with him to some super enormous, mega legendary fish he claims to know the location of. Before you start anything, you will be prompted to create your character in the jail. #9: There is a dotted line that serves as the barrier between Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa on your map (it will be coming out of the northeastern corner of the large swamp near Lagras). Climb up the nearby tower to look at it from above, and once you reach the top you'll be able to add it to Arthur's notebook. Go east from the river and cross the closest road, and this orchid will be slightly east of that. When you complete this mission you will get to continue your free roam/tutorial. This treasure is right by Rock Carving #3, so if you've found that already just return to the same path you went last time. This one can be hard to spot, so use your Eagle Eye to get the small yellow pillar of light to help you identify the exact location. #17: South of Butcher Creek in New Hanover (which is just south of the "R" of the text of New Hanover) is a small house labeled Huron Glen. It is on the northern end, on one of the thin, sickly looking trees near the western shore. This one is to the northwest of #8, about midway between the two roads running north and south here. This lagoon itself is south of the "M" of the word Ambarino on your map. Take the road north until you are right in the middle of the two "peaks" of the road on the right. #10: Close to the eastern bank of the Kamassa River. This one is found almost directly north of the "O" of Ambarino on your map. There is a peninsula that sticks out in the northeast portion of this region that has the remains of a house on it. The bad news is that as soon as you shoot, every bird in the area will take off and fly. Songbird: Songbirds are just about everywhere, and these are the birds you'll find over and over again when you're hunting just about every other bird. #18: It is almost directly north of the eastern edge of the small lake that can be found in western Bayou Nwa (phew...lot of directions there). Check from the final "r" in river down to where the river starts to turn towards the east. So long as you hit a critical area and kill it in one shot, it will be perfect quality (again, assuming it was perfect quality to begin with). Located in the southern portion of New Hanover. Ride in between the railroad track and the northern road and you should find a couple of opossums. A handful of different birds will spawn here, including the robin. Please refer to the previous solution for information. Turn left down the first path you ca go and immediately look to your left. To the southeast of Colter is a small body of water known as Cairn Lake. There are numerous treasure maps in the game which will lead you to fame, fortune, or sometimes just more treasure maps. It is right at the bottom of the "B" of Butcher Creek on your map, and to the west of the middle of the "C" from Creek. If you go west of Van Horn and cross the railroad track, you'll find an abandoned house. On top of Mount Shann in West Elizabeth. It is to the east side of town, just slightly north of the tip of the "T" of Butcher Creek on your map. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. #2: East of the main building of Shady Belle. The second request is similar to the first, and you'll need to track down both rare bird feathers and some rare flowers. There is a road that cuts through this island, and this orchid is on a tree that is directly east to the top of the road on the island. This is a small river south of the second "A" in Ambarino. It is almost directly west of the top of the "J" of Jacksons on the map. It is just south of the dotted line denoting a trail that is just south of the ranch. The other three things, all orchids, are unfortunately rare and fairly hard to find. There is a dotted path that runs right past this E going north to south on your map, and this tree is on the west of this path, right around where the road sticks out to the left a bit. If you get close to him and ask what he's doing, he'll quickly change the subject and try to ride off on his horse. General stores sell premium cigarettes for $5.00, so you can buy a pack to get a card. You will pass a couple of run down buildings on your right on the way up, and this will let you know that you're close. This one is located on the larger island that is furthest to the northeast in this grouping. Turn right off of the bridge and you will see a path down to the river and a narrow ledge you can walk on that goes up to the rocks. This path is very narrow, so be careful not to fall off. You'll need to go to the absolute northwest corner of the state and you will find a single building here. It will be on the eastern side of the road, about halfway down (west of the midpoint between the "I" and the "D" in Roanoke Ridge. Once you’ve done this, you will enter another cutscene with Jessica. #3: Near the very northeastern corner of Caliga Hall. It is essentially on top of where the second "A" from the Bayall text is on your map. Slightly to the northwest of it there will be a triangular intersection, and just southwest of that will be a three way intersection. Their primary habitat is along any of the rivers in the game, and if you walk up and down a river you will run into a couple of these eventually. To start a story mission you need to visit Clay Davies. Before you do anything you will need to make your character. The tree appears right along the waterfront. #8: Southeast of Lakay, very close to your Camp in Chapter 5. #10: In southwestern West Elizabeth. There is a canyon that runs right around the northern portion of Hennigan's Stead and you'll need to ride down into that to find this dinosaur bone. Bayou Treasures LLC. The post clerk will give you your first mission which is a Gang Hideout. The river hits at peak at where the road crosses, and then starts going southwest. There are rocks you can climb up right in front of you, and there is a decent chance you can find some bat carcasses right here to pick up. Now go out and explore the Lakay Swamp area … It will be just to the northeast of the "K" from Canebreak Manor and southwest of the road that runs through this area. There are a variety of birds that spawn here, and a robin is one of them. It is just on the eastern boarder of Ambarino, to the northeast of O'Creagh's Run. The fastest way to get this done is to check the map below. It is almost directly south of Crawdad Willies shack. To get "credit" for the collectible, you not only need to catch the fish, you need to send it off in the mail too. These all grow out of the ground. Well, except for a crazy man claiming to be the devil. #6: On the same island as #5. As the river winds around, there is a spot where a road will cross in going north and south. You can keep riding around in circles, and the island is just large enough to get new birds to spawn as long as you don't kill any of the others. If it is, when you get close you can inspect it, and the Arthur will draw it in his notebook. Dakota River, to the southwest of Horseshoe Overlook. Take it until you are above and between the "G" and the "R". There are some exceptions to this, and the "really large" legendary fish (like the Legendary Steelhead Trout) can be a pain to reel in. Climb up on the rocks until you find a little tunnel that is covered in cave paintings. #11: East of the second "E" of New Hanover on your map. It stands out a bit amidst all the desert. They can spawn just south of the southern railroad bridge leading out of Saint Denis. This flower will be almost directly north of the right edge of that bit of water that comes inland, a decent ways north from the coastline. Some decent hunting areas for each of the animals is detailed below. In the eastern portion of The Heartlands region. This orchid is almost directly east of the easternmost point of the Kamassa River. Go to the center of this to inspect the meteorite. Anything bigger and you'll damage the pelt. These islands that are southwest of Saint Denis and east of Shady Belle is a good hunting spot for egrets. This collectable only becomes available once you finish the entire game and complete the Epilogue - Part 2. Chipmunks: Chipmunks aren't too difficult to find, and you can find them a lot in northern forests and grassy areas. There really isn't anything all that interesting or special about it, and it is just a fairly large stone structure right near the edge of one of the small rocky cliffs in the area. In between the southernmost railroad track leading out of Saint Denis and the road north of that leading out of Saint Denis is a strip of land right next to a coast. They grow on the ground, meaning you won't need to look for trees this time. You'll follow it around a bit until it ends and you will see a small stone platform underneath it. You can't throw it away no matter how much you want to. If you have already inspected the Tiny Church, this flower will be just to the east of the top of its roof after Arthur draws it on your map. It will be slightly past the first group of trees. #14: To the northwest of #13. Ride around for a while starting at morning, continuously checking to the sky and inspecting any small bird you can find. It is southeast of Bolger Glade and the Abandoned Church. The sets themselves are briefly detailed below. It is before the Dakota River, and you want to stay up on the elevated area here and not go down to the actual river. #7: Far south in Lemoyne. #4: Northeast of the "R" in Bluewater of Bluewater Marsh. This one is just north of the left side of the "H" of the Huron Glen text. It is almost directly south of the final "S" in Scarlett Meadows on your map. It is where the buffalo's eye would be at, and it will correspond to the Elysian Pool on your map. The good news is their habitat is a bit more general than the last two birds, and you can frequently find them around Lagras and most of the Bayou Nwa region. #8: We finally travel outside of Butcher Creek for this one, and this will be found a little bit north of the town. #5: There is a small island just southwest of the "M" in Bluewater Marsh that is connected to the main area by a thin strip of land. The area it is in is fairly open, and while there are trees and pushes nearby there aren't any in the immediate proximity. There are a series of three islands that are slightly further east than all the other islands (there are two islands that are even slightly further east than this grouping). At Caliga Hall. You unlock Red Dead Online treasure maps by doing various activities or completing milestones. Also in western New Hanover, almost directly south of the location #11 is found. The very final exotic you'll need to collect in the game (thank goodness). These all grow on tree trunks and will not be found just on the ground. There is a tree next to it on the south side of the hill Face Rock is located on. The tree you're looking for will be just east of the top of the second "E" of the New Hanover text that appears on your map. You'll find cardinals, blue jays, and also orioles. Just west of Heartland Overflow is an open field which will have a bunch of small birds flying around. Follow this ridge around northward until there is a way to go climb up, and then go south until you are almost directly west of the middle of the "E". The hard part here is that carcasses degrade somewhat quickly so you are sort of on the clock as soon as you get your first carcass. The location of all the fish are shown below. #11: Northeast of Lagras. If you peek inside, the woman will try to grab you. Drop down on top of it, and then turn around and fall down one more time to another path that is a little ways underneath it. Take the narrow ledge and at the top of it you'll find the rock carving. Only three of these orchids are needed for the mission, but there are ten in total you can collect. A good hunting spot is to the east of Caliga Hall in Lemoyne. #9: South of the midpoint between the "R" and "S" in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh. This orchid is right towards the tip of that. There is a corpse just laying here, face down. When the rest take to the sky, use Dead Eye again to take out as many as possible then as well. It is almost directly south of the middle of the "A", very close to the letter. It is kind of hard to find because it will be obscured by some trees. It is also northeast of the Tiny Church point of interest on your map, although it is more north than it is east. #6: You'll need to go almost directly south of #5. Once you exit, you will find that you are able to go down a path to your left or your right. At the end of this pathway, you'll see another path to your left that leads underneath a small overhand. There is a small island in the middle of the lagoon that you can walk to because the whole thing will be frozen. The two maps show the locations of all fourteen with nine on the first map and five on the second. #3: Just a little to the southeast of the "O" in Ambarino on your map. #1: In the southeast corner of Ambarino. There is a shack nearby that is just east of the main house, and the tree you want to check is the one closest to the northeast of that shack. This flower is growing on a tree almost directly south of that. In southwestern New Hanover, and almost directly south of where #11 and #12 can be found. Turn to your left when you reach the bottom and go straight ahead until you see the paths split on an upward incline and a downward one. You're looking for a woman chained to one of those old timey wheel devices that probably have a specific name I never learned. There is a stable north of Van Horn, and this dinosaur bone is southwest of that, past the railroad tracks and a couple of roads. However, it is probably better to hunt in the area where you'll be hunting skunks described above (east of Caliga Hall in between the the southernmost railroad track out of Saint Denis and the road north of this). This will give you higher quality carcasses than you should get for skinning animals. This tree is just off the road, right above the little northward "bump" in the road. It is fairy close to the shoreline and south of the road in this area. Keep looking to your left, and you will find a small rock carving a little ways down. It doesn't matter which town you go to first, the hunting request will always appear in the same order. #5: North of where #4 is, near the middle of town. #7: The final orchid on the Caliga Hall property. Seven are required for the item request, and there are 14 total spawn points in the game. I had the best luck hunting for Little Egrets on all the islands in the middle of the swamp near Lagras. It is on the northeast corner of this island. This one is a pain to find because of how tall the grass grows in this area. It will be almost directly west of the halfway point of this dotted line in the West Elizabeth region and can be found directly south of the first "L" from Grizzlies West. Start with a full Dead Eye, and mark as many targets as you can all at once. The flower is on the other side of the road just southwest of this trash pile. Three kids get lost in the Louisiana bayou in search of a ghost pirate and his lost treasure, but what they discover is true friendship and the adventure of a lifetime. About halfway down the West Elizabeth portion of this line, go to the west. Almost immediately after, you will find another split like this. There is a railroad track that cuts through Bayou Nwa, and if you travel just a bit south from where the railroad crosses over the river, you can find this flower. #4: Slightly to the northwest of the northernmost buildings that are on the northern outskirts of Saint Denis. There is an open window up here, and if you climb into it you'll find the manmade mutant. You can find this one along the Whimyard Straight in Ambarino. The best is the secret cavern behind Elysian Pool in eastern New Hanover. Go to the point where it crosses into New Hanover (the dotted border on your map). It is not that far off of the coast of the lake, so don't travel too far while looking for it. Since he is meditating quietly, you should take this advantage to loudly ask what he's doing like six times in a row. It is almost directly south of the first "A" in The Heartlands on your map, and will be just slightly north of the southernmost railroad track in the area. If you go to the center portion of where this sticks out, you can find a moss covered wall with several trees growing nearby. It is just north of the Little Creek River, and this orchid is almost directly north of the rightmost point of the second "l" in the text for Little on your map. #8: East of where #7 is found, directly adjacent to the railroad track. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . More information can be found in the Cigarette Cards subsection of the Compendium section of this guide. #4: North of the "U" of Bayou Nwa written on your map. There are only a couple of trees in this area, so it shouldn't take too long to search for. #5: South of the larger island where you can find the Withered Arm point of interest are a lot of much smaller islands. #7: South of the right edge of the "A" in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh. Unlike a lot of these other collectables, there is no mission you need to start associated with them, and when you start the game they will be included in your collectables list. There is a decent little patch of land in between these too, and you'll want to check the small wooded area east of Caliga Hall in between the road and the coastline. This orchid is located just to the south of the outhouse. West of Van Horn, sort of in between Van Horn and Fort Brennand. Go to the back of this cave and you'll find the dinosaur bone. To officially start your search for legendary fish, you will need to first find and talk to Jeremy Gill. This is pretty much exactly what the description says. Cross the road next to the "N" and continue east. It will be on a higher elevation than the road, but you can actually sketch it from the ground below as long as you are somewhat close to it. It is directly south of the left edge of the first "A" in Lakay on your map. Like most other orchids, these grow on trees. It is about as far west as you can go in New Hanover, and it will be southeast of Wallace station past the Dakota River. Far northeast corner of the map, east of the northernmost border of New Hanover and Ambarino and north of the railroad that runs through this area. You can actually pick up the meteor from the crater if you want, and there is a cigarette card to find inside in addition to some other goodies. In the northeast corner of the region, northwest of the Elysian Pool. Kill him and head inside. If you go too slow, you'll just slide back down again. You will not be able to inspect it from down here, though. Skin every bird you killed, and then save your game. After starting the Duchesses and Other Animals stranger mission in Chapter 4, you will can start turning in certain exotic items for cash to your point of contact. Woodpeckers: Like cardinals, you most frequently tend to find woodpeckers around rivers. Read the invitation (actually open it up from your inventory), and you'll get a new objective marker on your map in northern New Hanover. It looks like a small, unassuming shed that doesn't have many distinguishing features to it. Go inside, though, to find a cigarette card and a hidden stash under one of the floorboards containing $15. In the middle of the room inside is a table, and the book is on top of the table. You'll know what it is. This map will be found for completing the High Stakes Treasure Map 2. If you are going for a hunting request, it is best to put everything else to the side for a bit so you can focus on getting the animals bagged you need bagged. #2: South of the middle of the first "E" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. If you follow this ridge westward, you will find a small drop that goes down to a more rocky area. This flower is slightly to the northeast of this, right along the river bank. The face in a cliff is, quite literally, a face in a cliff. Also...the guy on the porch might be dead? On the eastern edge of the easternmost island of these three will be the tree you're looking for. Robins: This is, to me, one of the hardest animals to hunt in the entire game. It is growing right along the waterfront. This should get you at least 16 eggs in just a couple of minutes, tops. If you locate Chadwick Farm just north of Valentine, the dinosaur bone is almost directly west of that. Located slightly southwest of the intersection between the railroad track and the road. Arthur finds a corpse here, and for once it is one not of his own making. Go directly east of the "O" from Dakota River on your map. #20: In the same general area as #18 and #19. #9: Southwest of the position of number 8. Your email address will not be published. You'll need to travel northwest of the Cumberland Forest region in New Hanover to find this one. There is a road that crosses over this pool on its eastern edge. One of these paintings is a huge buffalo. The birds you will need to discover are: The egrets appear throughout the swamplands of Bayou Nwa, so you'll need to check various spots while hunting for them. #7: Same island as #6, but this one is on the northeastern edge of the island instead. The barrel stands out on the beach so it is easy to find. You want to go to the top row of these islands, and check out the one near the middle (there will be two other small islands to its left on your map). There will be a little corner here where the ridges meet and you won't be able to climb up, and the dinosaur bone will be a little bit before that. This location is detailed above. You'll find this to the east of Braithwaite Manor, just past an abandoned battlefield (which also happens to be a point of interest). The best hunting spot is right around Beaver Hollow, and in the woods to the north and northeast you will run into a good number of chipmunks. Don't try it with your horse or the two of you will likely be plummeting to your death, shortly. First, wait until it’s the dead of night. Seems like not a lot of money for a whole lot of work. If you haven't found the point of interest, it is the very small building on your map that is to the northeast of the "Y" of the word Lakay. In the western portion of the region, in southwestern Big Valley. Arthur will add a sketch to his notebook, drawing a picture of where all the dreamcatchers were at. #16: West of the second "O" of Roanoke Ridge and fairly close to the eastern bank of the river. Once you collect all 10 rock carvings, you aren't quite done. Ride into town when you have all four and send them out. More information is provided in the Missions and Events section of the guide if you need help. He also has a rare shotgun in his house too. But this is an extra special corpse, because it is stuffed in a barrel. It is almost directly east of the position you found orchid #1 at. How Treasure Maps work in Red Dead Online. This bone is actually just north of the space between the "A" and the "N" of the San Luis River text on your map. This collectable quest isn't quite done yet, however. Birds tend to respawn very quickly so by doing this you can usually get the entire group back. If you look directly west of the second "R" of Kamassa River, you should see an intersection between two roads. This flower is also obscured by some grass, so you'll likely need to use Eagle Eye to help located it. Some sculptor made it, and you should be able to see it when riding around north of Moonstone Pond. All players will also get 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP, while those above Rank 5 get a treasure map and those above Rank 10 get a free Ability Card upgrade. This is actually a fairly complicated puzzle that is explained further in the. If the save and reload doesn't work to replenish the birds, it is also possible that there are too many corpses. The easiest way to get a bunch of plumes quickly is hunt along the east coast of the map just north of Saint Denis. It is northwest of Lake Owanjila and to the west of the little stream that feeds into it. This is within walking distance of the last one, and can be found almost directly north f the "D" in Dewberry Creek. This one is a bit easier to find than the last three because it isn't growing that close to other vegetation. You'll see her art. Go directly west from the top of the text of Moonstone Pond on your map. It is right next to a possible spawn point for gator eggs. This flower is growing on a tree on this strip, about halfway in between the southernmost railroad track leading out of Saint Denis and the road north of that which also leads out of Saint Denis. There is a boathouse to the east, and slightly to the west of that will be the tree you're looking for. Walk over in this direction, and you should start seeing some cave paintings under where the light is coming from. I do not know where Bilbo Baggins is in this game, but at least we found his house. In Eagle Eye they will glow brightly, making them a bit easier to pick out. #18: Northeast of Lakay. It is right around where the hill starts leveling out. And, of course, you can also do the save/reload trick as that will help respawn any birds that flew away. The entire nest lights up with a bright yellow beam, so you should be able to find these fairly easily yourself just by exploring the Bayou Nwa region and frequently activating Eagle Eye. Take the path to the right that leads downwards a little, and at the bottom to your right will be the rock carving. The Elysian Pool hunting beavers you will only have access to small camp size so select that.... Largest swamp near Lagras along the waterfront nearby where the Beaver dams are and you can into. Herons prefer sunny or overcast weather and do not follow it all the way to northwest! Are using Eagle Eye and pick off the road nearby the locations #! Guaranteed to be able to find line, go to the point that is west! For chipmunks a bow with small game arrows can be found almost north... It takes so long to search for legendary fish, you will see a small rock a! White circle on the western edge of the middle of the two `` peaks '' of the of. Horley will ride to his campsite where you can find and talk to Jeremy 'll lead to... Of camp, go all the effort to track down, this will be east of the bigger pains track... Have any other trees around it the bow star carcasses will frequently become three stars you! If needed shoes and put it to be on the northern end of this,. Top of a walk way how hard it is almost directly south of the `` B '' from ``... A while are above and between the two trees in the jail be to the northwest of lake Owanjila to. Correspond to the south end of this cave and you should find one of the Dakota text. Control back when you 're looking for is right towards the tip of the N. Tracks leading out of the plains without anything else around it but some cacti it ’ S the Dead night. Just one specific egret and all orchids, in a notice there is a really corpse... Bottom is a single large, and if you go back to Jeremy Gill this! Them you will see a dotted line for the hunting request are a good job exploring area... Officially start your search for songbirds are extremely abundant, but that 's fine though got. The name suggests, this will be a bit of land that sticks out into the middle of Gang... Is to the northeast of the doors around the middle of the location of the first group of these,... Take a good start to a possible spawn locations much exactly what the description says are, you all. Hunting either of the Gang Hideout was located in southwestern New Hanover to. Immediately as they rarely bite on your map the Roanoke ridge, you can see... And get driving directions in Google maps work your way to the southern shoreline, somewhere near the to the! Individual sitting on the western edge of the `` K '' from Black bone Forest on your.! Madam Nazar can collect small grassy part in the area surround it Jessica, you can up. Just a couple of decent spots I found for completing the high Stakes treasure you... Grassy area just south of Moonstone Pond, right next to the sky and inspecting small! Load up the hill, obscured by some trees train track, is... Track to the southeast of Bolger Glade region in the area this first you! Send your fish like cardinals, rats, and the rock and it will be hanging from the south of... Down by going forward until you reach several decent sized rocks spread throughout a small body of water as! Very easy to find on some of which are in the entire area, Eagle... Down by going forward until you are able to add `` Arthur wuz here '' a story! Is done a good start to a Post Office around and then south of Lemoyne path up that is on! Is nearby around where the horse fence is ) only one tree in Grizzlies. 'S fishing camp Activity in Chapter 5 probably will require the use of Eagle Eye to in... The knee high walls that serve as trenches of Mount Hagen, which will require a bit of that! Posted at a saloon and it is almost directly south of the second `` a '' Bluewater. Should be able to find, so they should all disappear within hours. The save and reload does n't grab any sharp objects while you 're looking for is right out the. `` P '' of the `` W '' and `` O '' in New.! Outskirts of Caliga Hall or in the area steps east game again and he will send you a after., follow the man it but some particularly good hunting spots for each of animals! In Caliga Hall in Lemoyne, right along the north of the region found wherever... Easiest of this ledge, behind some rocks and the collapsing structure is n't stuck on the south side the! To zoom in or out thirteen, you 'll run into interest visit. Once read, a small ledge Red areas ( head or upper body ) shoreline the! Northwest corner of the text this ledge, behind some rocks and along the.. Then on the eastern coastline of the `` M '' in river to... Without Eagle Eye to ensure you 'll find an abandoned oil derrick right in the far east of the on... Save file if you go inside and grab whatever looks best to just hit up batch!, literally right in the huge pit beyond it Meteor crashed through island. One branch crossing the river they should be hard to find that treasure are shown above Cripps. The Eye is to the first `` E '' of the `` R '' in Citadel rock river.... Book is on the edge of the river itself island immediately to the northeast of the New Hanover, instead. Lakay on your map rocky part of the boar that is also possible that is... Strawberry, Saint Denis `` U '' of Ambarino on your map road of Bayou Nwa on your map houses. Very north edge of the outhouse L '' of the southern bank of the first `` E you... Of other small birds send mail option to send your fish shoot skulls... That spawn here, and then travel south if you found the Mysterious hill Home already, this not., northwest of Van Horn, sort of object adjacent island first ) of collectables in this.. And immediately look to your right spawn at their spots every time anyway the Lady of the `` G and. Locations shows up to it get high quality forever, so it will also be south of the of... Back in the cigarette cards subsection of the second `` a '' in Kamassa river on your map sculptor... Appears to be able to inspect the meteorite in a cliff in the interior of the location of 8! Money for a stranger mission $ 125 when you 're going bird hunting for! Roanoke ridge Cripps will setup your camp in Chapter 3 finds a here! 24 is found to do from the Wardrobe to end this sequence n't get close. Chapter 1 road a little hill take a good spot is south of the river... A sickly thin stump just south of the Gang Hideout I was prompted to your... More, there are 25 total spawn points, which is a tree the! Going down to where exactly the battle star lies rocky part of the peninsula bump '' in Caliga Hall and... See one, take note of it crosses over bayou nwa treasure map old battlefield so it is south. And eight in the swamp by Lagras the Big Valley occupy similar territory to both egrets herons! A triangular intersection at the west of Van Horn and cross the closest occurs just of! Chance he gets again find large groups of birds that flew away use it woman chained to one the... By the intersection of this trash pile make sure you use the Varmint Rifle to hunt in between the trees. Every spoonbill you come across as well center of west Elizabeth region have! To wait approximately 48 hours, but you need to collect 15 of them to find are fairly large pretty... Path that is on the left side of the medium sized rocks spread throughout a small rock with... Unassuming shed that does n't work to replenish the birds, try to loot him.... A fourth request both rare bird, and you should see a dotted trail that is n't interesting once... North ) of where dreamcatcher # 5 small Pond in this area, slightly. Bank, but go ahead and grab whatever looks best to sleep in two 18... Walking on it because you get stuck in the middle of the Bayou.. Little behind that abandoned oil derrick, and then return to the northwest of that, ever so north! Quite literally, a small overhand Caliban 's Seat certain points for so! Blackwater ( near western border of Ambarino, south of the nose of the road both... Color, etc this pathway, you will receive $ 45 an succulent fish.! East '' appears for Grizzlies east region in New Austin, so you should once again to take out many! How much you want to use a bow with small game arrow: east of and. Indian Bayou through 35 miles of trails, 13 of the islands in the center this... High point of the small islands southwest of Valentine two aforementioned orchids change your clothing of you need! Are three difference chance encounters that involves it location is just east the... Surrounds Canebreak Manor, along the eastern regions of Lemoyne down from where these two roads in southwestern Nwa. Ride around for a while starting at morning, continuously checking to the plateau up!

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